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The international movement Extrability is created on the base of the volunteer project White Cane, founded in 2010 in Yekaterinburg, Russia by Oleg Kolpashchikov. The movement is guided by the philosophy of Extrability (combined “Extra” and “Ability”). It proceeds from the fact that the limitation of one of the physical abilities of a person often becomes a powerful impetus to the development of other abilities. One of the most famous projects of Extrability is the international regattas and expeditions for people with disabilities Sails of the Spirit, which are held in different regions of the world.

The law of nature: if it decreases somewhere, then it will definitely increase elsewhere. A person deprived of one of the abilities automatically develops another, as a compensation for survival. No healthy person is as persevering as a wheelchair user, and no healthy person can act with limited information in the same way that blind people do.

People with disabilities, who were able to adapt to their physical status and return to life in society, activated the special inner capabilities hidden in each person. Having opened access to internal resources, such people seek to help other people find dormant strengths and abilities in themselves.

Movement values:

- the impossible is done;

- the native world is created;

- openness and creativity;

- self-recognition.

Extrability is a large-scale social project aimed at achieving the sustainable development goals declared by the United Nations. It is launched to organize effective interaction between people with disabilities and people without disabilities, to integrate people with health limitations into society, revealing the inner potential of all participants of the movement and providing them with opportunities for personal development, professional and creative success. 

The mission of Extrability is to create an ecosystem for the active involvement of representatives of various social groups in inclusive communication that changes society's attitudes towards the capabilities of people with disabilities.


JSC Medscan is a group of medical companies, which is rated in the Top 10 largest private clinics in Russia and offers a full range of high-tech and highly qualified health care based advanced international protocols. 

It incorporates 37 operating medical entities in 18 cities of 10 regions of Russia, including diagnostic centers; hospitals with a surgical hospital; multidisciplinary and specialized clinics (including oncology); centers of scientific research and development.

Medscan is three medical centers in Moscow.

It was launched in 2015 and includes a diagnostic, oncology and rehabilitation center.

The great experience and knowledge of our doctors, an advanced diagnostic base and modern expert-level equipment help to solve the most complicated problems.

Hadassah Medical Moscow is the flagship clinic of the Medscan group of companies. 

This is a unique project that has no analogues in the country – it’s the first official Russian branch of a foreign medical institution - the world famous hospital Hadassah (Jerusalem), established more than hundred years ago. The main activity is the detection and treatment of a wide range of diseases, including cancer. 

The services are provided by Israeli specialists, which are using advanced international standards.

Hospital on Yauza in Moscow is a new generation multidisciplinary medical center with highly qualified specialists of various profiles. 

The departments of the hospital provide a variety of high level medical care.

The clinic performs high-tech surgical operations.

A major regional multidisciplinary medical center in Perm, Russia, which has been providing high-quality medical care for more than 14 years and has been working for the benefit of the health of residents of the Perm region and neighboring regions.

  • Modern equipment.

  • Highly professional team.

  • Own clinical diagnostic laboratory, which received the International Quality Certificate EQAS (USA).

  • The center has its own IVF clinic.

Unique for our country medical center for early diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

The complex of equipment that is available here has no analogues either in public or private clinics in the region.

The Center uses most advanced methods of diagnostics and technologies.

A medical center that has won the trust of the residents of the Kursk region and neighboring regions.

It provides professional medical care for both adults and children.

Patients have access to more than 2,000 services in 120 specializations.

Strongbow Investments is a group of companies and affiliated businesses that are involved in a diverse range of activities in different countries. The main geographical focuses are Russia, South-East Asia and Europe.


The group is investing into following industries:


  • health-care with more specialization in radio and nuclear diagnostic and treatment;

  • agriculture with focus on crops and dairy production;

  • high tech start-ups related to the above mentioned segments.

Don Agro International Limited is a group of agriculture companies with assets in Russia in Rostov and Volgograd regions. 

The group is engaged in the cultivation of agricultural crops (winter wheat, sunflower and corn) and the production of raw milk. 

Don Agro has a total controlled land bank of 67,340 hectares with 54,420 hectares of arable land in it. The company is the largest raw milk producer in the Rostov region and owns over 4,000 heads of cattle.

One of the most famous food markets in Moscow. Founded in 1963 on a market square that existed since the 13th century. 

The current building was opened in 1986. After reconstruction in the 2010s, the market was transformed into a shopping and entertainment complex with malls, shops, cafes, restaurants and venues for cultural events. Nowadays, 40 market bistros operate on the Danilovsky market, where citizens can have tasty, interesting and inexpensive food, as well as spend their leisure time visiting various events.

Restored from ruins, an architectural monument of the second half of the 18th century is the Glebov family nest of nobles near Tarutino, Kaluga Region. 

The estate has witnessed many historical events - from the invasion of Napoleon to the World War II. At the 19th International Festival “Architecture 2011”, the Nikolskoye estate restoration project received a diploma from the Union of Architects of Russia.

Our mission is to support the artistic relationships and collaborations between Russia and the UK and to use art as a bridge for inter-cultural dialogue.