Evgeny Tugolukov
10:00 — 21.05.2022 / Releases

Masters of inclusion from different parts of the world continued to prepare the launch of the Extrability Movement

Recent Extrability conference was held at David Yellin College in Jerusalem. The day before, initiative groups from different countries met online and held a brainstorming session. During the conference, the Russian participants arrived in the Verkh-Neyvinsky, Sverdlovsk Region, where the NGO Blagoe Delo operates. Vera Simakova, Nina Serova, Olga Zavitaeva, Konstantin Barannikov, Oleg Kolpashchikov, Aron Bereznitsky took an active part in the event.

The participants of the meeting were looking for answers to the questions:

Why should we create the ExtraAbility movement?

What added value does this movement bring to our humanity?

Why does ExtrAbility touch my soul and lift my spirit?

Colleagues from Israel, David Yellin Israel College also answered questions, after which they interacted with participants from Russia. This is an interesting event, the value of which lies in a more complete understanding of the phenomenon of extrability and the development of inclusive interaction. As a result of the work, variants of the values ​​of the movement appeared. In a welcoming speech, one of the founders of the movement, Oleg Kolpashchikov, told why the movement was founded, that the Extrability movement adds humanity to us. The founding congress of the Extrability Movement is planned for December 2022.