Evgeny Tugolukov
12:57 — 25.11.2022 / Releases

The criteria for the effectiveness of successful projects of the Extrability Movement

In October 2022 in the Mediterranean Sea, near the coast of Turkey the next stage of the “Sails of the Spirit” project took place. The Turkish stage, as well as the events in Russia, Israel, Armenia and Egypt, were dedicated to the establishment of the Extrability Movement.

The movement was born from partnership initiatives, projects, events and programs. During these initiatives and projects the idea of ​​the manifestation of hidden talents and abilities of a person was realized.

In the process of the formation of the Movement at the next session of strategic planning in 2022 we identified the current challenges of the Extrability Movement.

In its turn the challenges emerged thanks to the implementation of the tasks agreed at the 2021 session. It was exactly the time when the process of identification of the criteria for the effectiveness of inclusive social projects has begun.

In this way the participants of the “Sails of the Spirit 2022” project events continued to work on finding rules and criteria for effectiveness that can support the Movement and determine the direction of its development in different countries with different values, with their own history and with unique models for creating and developing communities.

The participants of the “Sails of the Spirit” camp at the Armenian camp concentrated on finding rules for the Movement. Those who took part in the “Sails of the Spirit” in Turkey were looking for new performance criteria.

For the first time at the Turkish stage the “Sails of the Spirit” team sailed on two yachts and united in the framework of the Extrability festival in Mersin province. The team included representatives of the non-profit sector, yachtsmen, businessmen, teachers, people with and without disabilities from 7 countries: Turkey, Russia, Latvia, Armenia, Ukraine, Israel and Nepal. To search for the criteria we daily discussed the current “Sails of the Spirit” project and those projects that our experts mark as successful in the last two years.

The discussion took place in several languages: English, Russian, Turkish, Latvian and Nepalese, and took place during night watches on yachts, during the feedback after events, in conversations at breakfasts and dinners. The search for the criteria included both experienced organizers of international projects (for example, of the 1st World Congress of People with Disabilities), and those who have joined the Extrability Movement in recent years.

In Turkey we studied the topic of extrability leadership. The search for criteria was led by two blind experts: Oleg Kolpashchikov on the yacht “Anna” and Sergey Kataev on the yacht “Zero”.

The Extrability Festival in Mersin province has traditionally been led by an inclusive trio of two blind people and one actor: Dursun Arslan, Metin Ünel and Soner Demir.

Below we publish the results of the work of the inclusive team of the “Sails of the Spirit” Turkey 2022. (The results are presented without criticism, as material for the further work.):

  1.   Involvement of the people with and without disabilities.
  2.   People enjoy being together.
  3.   Difficulty to sink to the very bottom and rise again.
  4.   Germination
  5.   Replicability — self-spreading.
  6.   Emancipation and rapprochement of people through various activities.
  7.   Involvement of rarely involved social groups in projects (doctors, teachers).
  8.   One can go beyond dogma, deep convictions.
  9.   Successful networking.
  10.   Development of the tolerance for other people.
  11.   Deeper understanding and acceptance of the characteristics of another culture, interest in another culture.
  12.   People want to return to the project.
  13.   Interest in new channels for receiving information, communications (for example, a participant consciously tries to perceive information from people who speak a language incomprehensible to him without translation).
  14.   Tears of happiness and nice people.
  15.   Difficulty that you overcome in a group.
  16.   It may be a small project, but it will attract a lot of people.
  17.   Repetition of bodily reactions of participants, synchronicity, repetitive signs. Project participants in discussions talk about the same bodily reactions: tears, drowsiness, vitality, etc. Participants discuss signs, unexpected improvement of the weather at the necessary time.
  18.   Confidence in mistakes. For example, the captain overslept, which means a high level of trust and the body allowed itself to fail.

            The project participants are grateful for the support of the partners of the „Sails of the Spirit” in Turkey:

Project partners:

State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom

Autonomous non-profit organization «WHITE CANE»

Tarsus Disability Platform

Institute of Management Design and Competitive Strategies LLC

Group of companies «Medscan»

NGO “Blind rocks!” (Nepal)

Trans-Baikal regional branch of the All-Russian public organization of the disabled «All-Russian Society of the Deaf»

Ministry of Family and Social Services (Mersin Province)

Akdeniz Belediyesi

Akdeniz kent konseyi

Tarsus belediyesi

Silifke belediyesi

Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation Rossotrudnichestvo.

  1. C. Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı

Russian Geographical Society

Rural house of Russian culture (Selifke)

Russian Society of Antalya

Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Turkey

Travel company «ELDORADO tour»