Evgeny Tugolukov
08:37 — 03.04.2021 / Media coverage

16-meter statue of secondary polyethylene pellets!

This is the project of Krasnodar artists Recycle Group (Egor Kuznetsov and Andrei Blokhin) for the Hadassas clinic in Skolkovo. ⠀ The 563-kilogram art object symbolizes the endless process of evolution and knowledge transfer. Recycle Group has shown all stages of communication progress, from the foundation where people use oral speech and styluses to the upper levels where technology solutions begin to appear. ⠀

The topic of work and ecological approach are not easy. It is knowledge transfer that is the main goal of Hadassah clinic, which introduces an innovative approach in everything. Her investor Evgeny Tugolukov - former Chairman of the State Duma Environmental Management Committee - is careful about protecting the environment. ⠀ Recycle Group all its works from recycling materials. The idea is that by creating art, artists simultaneously cleanse the planet. For the statue of polyethylene pellets, they melted into a net.

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