Evgeny Tugolukov
00:00 — 28.07.2021 / Media coverage

Don Agro takes over rival Rav Agro Rost for $2.7 mil

Russia-based Don Agro International (GRQ) took over another agricultural company Rav Agro Rost for 145 million rubles ($2 million), as per a Wednesday release.

Rav operates a controlled land bank of 4,100 hectares within the Millerovo District in the Rostov Region of Russia and a dairy farm of about 177 dairy cows.

The deal boosts Don's land bank of 63,240 hectares by 6.5% to 67,340 hectares.

Additionally, Don Agro is looking into mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances with both domestic and foreign companies.